Do you want to sell your house? 8 required documents

The process of selling your home is complex and requires several documents to be carried out. In this article you will find the various documents necessary to sell your home, as well as where to request them and other information, so that this process can be carried out in the best and most efficient way possible.

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Indispensable when selling your home, this document shows the legal relationship between the seller and the property being sold. Always updated and available for consultation online, the Permanent Land Certificate or Certificate of Content indicates the history of the property, these being the owners, some associated charges and the various characteristics of the property.

The document will be valid for 6 months after delivery and can be requested in person, at a cost of 20 euros, at a Land Registry Office, or online, at a cost of 15 euros, on the Land Registry online platform.

Housing License

The Housing License is a document that checks whether the property in question complies with the legal conditions of habitability, namely those related to electricity, gas, water and electricity.

This document is issued by the Municipal Council where the property is located, after a due inspection to check whether it complies with the criteria defined by the General Regulation of Urban Buildings. Therefore, properties in buildings built before August 7, 1951 do not require the presentation of this document, unless there has been any type of alteration to the property.

The License will be valid until there is a change in its initial architectural design and its cost varies depending on the authority responsible for issuing it.


Bank cancellation

The Bank cancellation will be an essential document for selling your home, if you have used a mortgage loan. This is intended to prove the extinction of a mortgage associated with the property and thus the end of the credit debt.

It is issued by the bank that provided the mortgage loan and its cost varies depending on it, and can vary between 0 and 200 euros.

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Energy Certificate

This document evaluates the energy efficiency of the property, classifying it on a scale of 8 levels, with F being the lowest (very inefficient) and A+ being the highest (very efficient). It also presents certain information about the construction characteristics of the property, as well as some measures for energy consumption, in order to make the property more efficient in this aspect.

The document will be valid for 10 years after delivery and is issued by qualified and independent experts, accredited by the Energy Agency – ADENE. Its cost varies depending on the type of house and the compensation imposed by experts.

You can identify here which experts are accredited in your area of residence.

Housing Technical Sheet

The Housing Technical Sheet describes the technical and functional characteristics of a property after construction, expansion or alteration work has been carried out.

This document is necessary to present when selling your home, if your property is located in a building constructed or undergoing reconstruction or expansion works after March 30, 2004.

The Form can be requested from the National Civil Engineering Laboratory or the General Consumer Directorate and its cost varies, however, it is normally more than 100 euros.

Housing License

The Housing License or Alvará is a document that certifies the purpose for which the property is intended, in this case of sale for housing, and, that being the destination, compliance with all habitability conditions.

This document is not mandatory for properties in buildings built before 1951 and you can request a Housing License at the City Council where the property is located for sale.

Debt Declaration

De nome oficial Declaração de Encargos Anuais e Eventuais Dívidas ao Condomínio, este documento é necessário caso o imóvel pertença a um condomínio. Deverá constar neste documento uma declaração do montante dos encargos em vigor, bem como a natureza das dívidas, montantes, prazos e datas de constituição e vencimento. Isto é, os encargos relativos ao condomínio que possam ser liquidados após a venda do imóvel, passando assim essa responsabilidade para o novo proprietário.

Este documento será emitido pelo administrador do condomínio e o seu custo será estabelecido pela administração do condomínio.

Officially called Declaration of Annual Charges and Possible Debts to the Condominium, this document is necessary if the property belongs to a condominium. This document must include a statement of the amount of charges in force, as well as the nature of the debts, amounts, deadlines and dates of constitution and maturity. That is, the charges related to the condominium that may be paid after the sale of the property, thus passing this responsibility on to the new owner.

This document will be issued by the condominium administrator and its cost will be established by the condominium administration.


Finally, the last document to have when selling your home is the Deed.

This is the document that establishes the transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer.


The Housing License and the Technical Housing Sheet are essential for selling a property built or modified after March 2004. The Sheet describes the technical characteristics of the property, while the License certifies its habitability. Both documents are requested through specific entities, with an average cost of more than 100 euros. For properties prior to 1951, the License is not mandatory and can be requested at the local City Council.

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