Did you approve the proposal in the assembly?

Have you already obtained a personalized quote for your building in 2 minutes? Have you already presented it to the assembly and was it approved? Activate your contract now in 2 minutes.

  • Scan the QR code

    After the decision in the assembly, do the Scan the QR code included in the contract to confirm the chosen management plan.

  • Sign the contract

    Once you confirm the plan, the contract start date and a contact point in the condominium to transition to Condoroo, simply sign!

  • Documents and inspection

    Let's get to work! Here we will begin collecting data and documents from the building. At the same time, our manager organizes the first inspection of your building.

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We are revolutionizing building management in Europe. Our mission is to make the homeowners  experience easy and efficient, through experienced managers, task automation and our chatbot with artificial intelligence specialized in building.




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