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We created this feedback page with the aim of conveying to all Portuguese homeowners what our customers have to say about our services, as well as providing them with relevant information (news, articles, etc.) about the condominium sector.

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The condominium management company Condoroo stands out for its remarkable speed and efficiency in maintenance services. The internal team turns out to be a great asset in times of urgency.

Martim N.
Martim N.


Condoroo has achieved a notable milestone in improving building cleaning management. We now have an effective and well-organized cleaning service, resulting in a cleaner and more pleasant environment for residents.

Joana M.
Joana M.


Condoroo's technology, known as the "chatGPT of condominiums", works incredibly well. The effectiveness in optimizing communication and resolving residents’ issues is remarkable.

Joaquim S.
Joaquim S.


After the last company that not even the assembly did, the fact that you can vote in advance is incredible. It allows the condominium owners of our building to actively and conveniently participate in condominium decision-making.

Carlota R.
Carlota R.


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