We are making homeowners lives easy

Wait 1 week for an email response? 2 months to get the meeting minutes? 1 year for maintenance? We created a building chatbot that helps our managers respond immediately and makes them 2-3x more efficient than traditional companies.

Early voting

Super fast maintenance

Smart planning

Occurrence automation

Your building organized with transparency

The forgetfulness is over! As? We realized that more than 50% of a building manager’s work are repetitive tasks that can be automated. This way we guarantee that meeting notices, billing documents and much more do not fail. And more? 

Our managers gain time to focus on the issues that matter to your building , being 2-3x more efficient than in a traditional company.

administração de condomínios em Cascais

We created a chatbot specializing in buildings that helps our customers.

Ask any information about your building and get an answer instantly! With our technology, our managers are 2-3x more efficient than traditional building management companies.

The choice of Portuguese building owners.

Through quality managers and our technology, we are 100% committed to delivering a unique building management and administration service, focused on the satisfaction of building owners and the maintenance of buildings.


Access to all information

Fast answers

Ocurrence automation

Service quality

Qualified managers

Questions about our technology.

What sets Condoroo apart is the technology we make available to our condominium owners and our managers, which makes us 2-3x more efficient than a traditional company. This technology aims to improve the customer experience and allow managers to focus on the most relevant tasks for the condominium, avoiding wasting time on recurring issues.

Changing management has never been so easy.
(100% digital process)

  • Get a quote in 2 minutes

    Be surprised by how quickly and easily it is possible to obtain a personalized quote for your building.

  • Send it to be deliberated at the meeting

    Just tell us who the administrator is and we'll send you the quote so you can get it on the agenda.

  • Decide in assembly and activate the contract

    Discuss the budget in a meeting with the other building owners. Then in 2 minutes they activate the contract.

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We are revolutionizing building management in Europe. Our mission is to make the homeowners  experience easy and efficient, through experienced managers, task automation and our chatbot with artificial intelligence specialized in building.




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