Tips to help you save on condominiums

When it comes to managing a condominium, the associated expenses can often seem excessive. However, in a world where economy is the watchword, it is crucial to learn how to manage your condominium efficiently and avoid excessive expenses at the end of the month.

In this article, we present a series of valuable tips to help you save on condominiums.

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Choose email communication ​

Whenever the law allows, choose to send communications related to the condominium by email instead of letters. This will save on paper and postal shipping costs. However, be aware of legal limitations, such as sending notices and minutes of meetings, which may require specific methods.

Improve energy efficiency

Investing in energy efficiency, such as installing LED light bulbs and motion sensors, can result in long-term savings. Therefore, installing timers for garage lights or motion sensors may be a good idea.

Review the contracted energy power

Analyze the contracted energy power to ensure it corresponds to the building’s real needs. Excessive power results in unnecessary expenses for your condominium. If it is advantageous, changing energy supplier should also be considered.

Review and negotiate contracts with experts​

A good strategy for saving on condominiums is negotiating contracts. This may include contracts for services such as elevator maintenance, gardening and cleaning of common spaces. Renegotiating these contracts can result in significant savings for the condominium, whether through contracting new services at more advantageous prices or reducing prices from companies already contracted.

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Compare prices and services from suppliers

When choosing service providers, don’t forget to look at the price, but also consider the condominium’s needs and evaluate the quality of services offered by each supplier. Sometimes the cheapest option may not be the best solution. Choosing a supplier that combines price and quality is essential.

Review bank expenses

Choosing a bank with more accessible financial solutions can result in savings for the condominium. Evaluate bank expenses and commissions and compare them with other banking institutions to choose the most advantageous option.

Choose the best insurance

In common areas of the building, such as roofs, stairs, elevators and garages, it is essential to have appropriate insurance. Fire insurance is mandatory, but multi-risk insurance can be more comprehensive and economical. Analyze the insurance options available on the market and choose the one that best meets the condominium’s needs.

If you already have insurance, you can always consider changing companies to ensure that the common areas of the building are adequately covered and at the same time that the amount paid is in line with the market.

Hire a condominium management company

Although it may seem like an additional cost, hiring a condo management company can result in long-term savings. These companies often have access to more advantageous prices for services, such as elevator cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, they offer administrative management services that can free the condominium administrator from various tasks.

Also in cases of significant disagreements between condominium owners, considering hiring a condominium management company may be beneficial.

Common reserve fund

Although it does not represent direct savings, creating a Common Reserve Fund is essential to optimize your condominium’s finances. This fund must be deposited in a bank account and each condominium owner must contribute at least 10% of their share. The management of this fund is the responsibility of the condominium administration, which must look for the best investment or savings options. If you feel comfortable, you can develop a strategy for the common reserve fund, considering low-risk investment options or at least low bank fees.

Debt agreements

Dealing with owner debts in relation to condominium fees can be complicated. However, looking for flexible solutions such as payment agreements can prevent debts from piling up, as well as avoiding legal costs and ensuring money is recovered effectively.

Encourage good practices

Promoting good practices in the use of equipment and resources can result in substantial savings in the long term. Always consult a specialized technician for a more effective and less costly solution.


Good condominium management is essential to avoid excessive expenses and ensure financial balance. By following these tips, condominiums can save money and ensure a pleasant environment for all condominium owners.

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