How to ensure better condominium management?

Condominiums depend on administrators to manage common parts, such as paying bills and hiring necessary services. If an agreement cannot be reached regarding the person’s choice, legal action can be taken and the court will then make the appointment. The condominium administrator can be elected and dismissed by the condominium assembly. However, this option is rare because you can always opt for rotating administration or hiring a company.

administração de condomínio

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Among others, administrator responsibilities include:

  • Keep all condominium documents;
  • Ensure compliance with condominium regulations and legislation;
  • Safeguard the rights of the condominium, always using legal mechanisms;
  • Ensure the use and conservation of common parts and associated services;
  • Prepare the condominium’s annual budget and manage finances;
  • Represent the condominium before courts and administrative authorities;
  • Issue debt statements for condominium owners when requested;
  • Regularly inform condominium owners about ongoing legal issues;
  • Convene condominium assemblies and carry out their deliberations;
  • Present budgets for conservation or innovation works when necessary;
  • Demand payment of approved expenses and verify the existence of fire insurance;
  • Publicize the building’s safety rules;

How can I better manage a condominium?

Sometimes it is difficult for the administrator to guarantee satisfactory performance, due to the high number of responsibilities it entails. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Condoroo application, which offers you:

  • A simplified and faster way to call meetings;
  • The option to vote in advance, having access to all documents that lead to this decision-making;
  • Helps in making intelligent financial plans for the management of condominiums;
  • A support network of experts to carry out quick maintenance.

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I am dissatisfied with my administrator: what should I do?

When a condominium owner is dissatisfied with the administrator and has well-founded reasons, the first step is to directly communicate their concerns, indicating what is unsatisfactory and suggesting improvements.

If there is no success, an extraordinary general meeting is called to discuss the matter. At the meeting, steps can be taken to remedy the situation or to replace the director. The dismissal of the administrator requires a majority of votes representing the building’s capital.

In serious cases, such as fraud or embezzlement, condominium owners can go to court to hold the administrator civilly or criminally responsible. Evidence such as images of the condition of common parts or bank records are essential for conviction.

On the other hand, to complain about a condominium management company, use the complaints book (you also have the option of an electronic complaints book). In addition, you can also appeal to IMPIC, which developed a draft legal regime that establishes rules, still in the legislative process.

When choosing a company, use platforms such as Portal da Queixa or APEGAC, which are also a good source for finding qualified condominium management companies, they are useful for finding out more about a company.


To ensure better condominium management, it is essential that administrators fulfill their responsibilities, which include everything from financial management to the maintenance of common areas.

In cases of dissatisfaction with the administrator, it is important to communicate concerns and, if necessary, call a meeting to discuss corrective measures or replace the administrator. Going to court is an option in serious cases, while complaints against management companies can be made through the complaints book. Using resources such as the Condoroo application for more efficient management can also be a useful strategy.

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