Condominium insurance: making the best decision

Condominium insurance plays a fundamental role in the management of residential buildings where multiple condominium owners share the same space. Its importance is highlighted by compliance with the law, which requires mandatory fire coverage for the entire building, as established in article 1429 of the Civil Code. However, individual insurance management by condominium owners can lead to high costs and bureaucratic complications.

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Types of insurance

There are two main types of condominium insurance: mandatory common parts insurance, which meets legal requirements, covering fires and, optionally, lightning and explosions, and multi-risk condominium insurance, which offers broader coverage, including several additional risks. , such as floods, impacts from land vehicles, among others. Although multi-peril insurance is not legally mandatory, it is often chosen because of its comprehensive advantages.

It is also important to mention that the choice between mandatory and multi-risk insurance must be based on the specific needs of the condominium. While mandatory insurance meets minimum legal requirements, multi-peril insurance offers an additional layer of protection, which can be especially valuable in areas prone to flooding, seismic movements or other specific risks.

Collective insurance

To ensure that all parts of the condominium are covered, whether the common parts or the autonomous units, the option of collective condominium insurance appears as a generally more economical and efficient solution. This insurance allows the costs to be shared among all condominium owners, making it more affordable. Furthermore, it simplifies the process of activating insurance, involving only one insurer in the event of a claim, which can even speed up the payment of compensation. Individual insurance is a viable option for some condo owners, often due to lender requirements or personal preferences.

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In addition to the obvious advantages in terms of savings and simplified management, collective condominium insurance also contributes to a feeling of security and cohesion among condominium owners. By sharing responsibility for protecting the building, residents promote a more harmonious and collaborative environment. This is particularly valuable in disaster situations, when coordinated action facilitates problem solving and reconstruction of affected areas.

Annual review

It is also essential to note that regardless of the type of insurance chosen, an annual review of policies and negotiation with insurers can result in significant savings. Hiring an experienced insurance broker can be an advantageous approach to optimizing cost-benefit and ensuring that the specific needs of the condominium are met in the best possible way.

The sum insured must be updated annually to reflect the real value of the property. It should be taken into account that, in the event of an accident, the insurance company will assess the cost of reconstruction, which may be lower than the market value. Therefore, ensuring that the insured capital is adjusted is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises and guarantee effective protection.

Ultimately, condominium insurance is an important investment for the protection of everyone involved and the preservation of common assets.


Furthermore, it is advisable that the condominium administrator, together with the condominium assembly, is responsible for managing condominium insurance. This involves choosing the appropriate coverage, hiring the insurance company and resolving any problem related to claims. Having a well-organized and effective administration is essential to ensure that the insurance fulfills its function of protecting the condominium’s assets.


In short, condominium insurance plays a vital role in protecting the building and its inhabitants. The choice between collective and individual insurance, as well as between the different coverages available, depends on the needs and preferences of condominium owners, but collective management often proves to be the most effective and economical option.

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