Permillage: discover the proportion of each fraction

When it comes to condominiums or multi-unit buildings, one of the main concerns is ensuring that each owner pays their share of common expenses. This includes expenses such as maintenance, cleaning, security, among others. To calculate this proportion fairly, permillage comes into play, a fundamental tool for understanding and distributing these expenses equitably


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Permillage, what is it?

Permilagem is a way of measuring each owner’s participation in a condominium or building, based on the useful area of their unit in relation to the total area of the building. In simple terms, it is a proportion that determines how much each owner contributes to common expenses.

How to Calculate Permileage

The Permillage calculation is quite straightforward. Here is a simple formula:

Permilage = (Useful Area of the Unit/Total Area of the Building) * 1000

For better understanding, let’s look at a practical example:

Let’s imagine a building with 3 apartments:

Apartment 1: 100m²

Apartment 2: 150m²

Apartment 3: 200m²

Total building area: 450m².

Then calculate the allowance for each apartment:

Permilagem Apartment 1: (100/450)*1000=222.22

Permilagem Apartment 2: (150/450)*1000=333.33

Permilagem Apartment 3: (200/450)*1000=444.44

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Application of Permilage

Once the permile for each unit is calculated, it is used to determine the portion of expenses that each owner must pay. Taking into account the previous example, let us consider that common expenses for one month totaled €1500.

Apartamento 1: (222,22/1000)*1500=333,33€

Apartamento 2: (333,33/1000)*1500=500€

Apartamento 3: (444,44/1000)*1500=666,66€

As you can see, permileage makes owners pay according to the use and benefit they have of common services and facilities.

Benefits of Permilage

Equity: Each owner pays according to the benefit they receive from common areas and services.

Transparency: Calculations are based on clear metrics, which makes the process transparent for everyone involved.

Fairness: Prevents some owners from paying more than others, promoting an environment of fairness and equality.


In summary, permilage is an essential tool to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of common expenses in a condominium or building. By understanding how to calculate and apply permileage, property owners can ensure they are contributing fairly and proportionately to maintaining and improving their shared environment.

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